518 PROFILES has both a subscription and complimentary base of circulation.
Each month 518 PROFILES is distributed to establishments such as Museums, Fine Dining, Theatres, Art Centers, Coffee Shops, Galleries, Luxury Hotels and Resorts, B&Bs, Spas, Boutiques, and Academic Institutions.

How does each issue of 518 PROFILES stay ageless?
518 PROFILES does not print time sensitive editorial content which gives it endless longevity for each reader and advertiser. A November issue can be read in July, and the content will be just as fresh and relevant. This is what gives this publication staying power to be collected and revisited by many.

Who picks up 518 PROFILES?
The very type of people who shop local, enjoy fine dining, and attend a variety of events. It is not dropped off at gas stations nor grocery stores. Although we all frequent these establishments, this is not where this publication will be found. 518 PROFILES is strategic and particular when choosing distribution drops.